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Kat's Super Crunchy Diary!

NEW! Now with more drama llama!

Lunar Girl Explorer
31 December 1989
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The Low-down
[x] I'm Kat.
[x] I enjoy things that are enjoyable.
[x] I have an affinity for videogames, the supernatural, and music.
[x] My goal in life is to have a goal in life.

In All Seriousness...
Music is life, life is music. I'm very much into what I listen to--for the most part I'm a complete metalhead and I adore punk, post-punk, new wave, dark wave and industrial, but I've been known to listen to the Jonas Brothers on more than one occasion. I firmly believe that everyone should listen to whatever the fuck they want, regardless of what genre or language it is, or how they look. Just because I hate or love it doesn't mean you have to. I can be a little blunt and to the point, but generally I'm incredibly laid back and very easy to get along with. I comment on other people's journals frequently, but I probably won't add you unless you comment here.

You'll generally get along with me if you listen to:
[x] Juno Reactor
[x] Iron Maiden
[x] Nine Inch Nails
[x] Dead Kennedys
[x] Devildriver
[x] Sixx:AM
[x] Foo Fighters
[x] Depeche Mode
[x] The Cure

Them Crooked Vultures layout credit goes to myrskya.
Sugizo moodtheme credit goes to the lovely and ever-talented sakuranoobake.
If anyone sees any graphics they've made that I'm using, please tell me so I can give you credit! I have a nasty habit of saving without attaching usernames.